Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A first for everything!

About a year and a half ago my friends started a knitting group and I went along for the chatter, only having a little knitting experience, and that was from when I was in school. However I got the bug and have been knitting since then tackling projects such as socks (everyone got them for Christmas) and hats, I even made myself a vest from Rowan studio 20. It turned out alright but I think it could do with being felted a bit more, either that or I could put on two stone and still fit into it.
At the minute I'm really enjoying Sarah Keay's work and I'm soaking up inspiration from her book Design & Make Jewellery Using Textile Techniques. I've attempted the monofilament attachments and the french knitted wire and have a long way to go to perfect both, however I'd also really like to try the nuno felt techniques.
Juju Vail is another crafty lady I'm enjoying following at the moment. I lent her book, "Creative Beading" from the Settle Down Cafe when I was there one day. I was instantly hooked by all the crystal bicones and vintage buttons. Since then I've gone a bit crazy making necklaces and earrings, which is a bit weird as I don't have my ears pierced and a lot of these only work on ear wires!
Now that the weather is turning I'm losing my need to knit and now have a need to make beautiful summery dresses. I found this version of Burda's Anda dress and by chance I have a very similar batik stashed away from my visit to Malaysia and this is going to be my next creation. I thought that since I'll be downloading one pattern I may as well get two and I'll be having a go at Burda Style Magazines cape. It recommends that this is made in wool jersey which mean that I may have to re-mortgage my house to complete it!

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