Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All in the name of charity!

Today was a lovely early spring day in Newcastle. It was gloves weather with light spots of rain but it was the kind of day to take a walk. I was off to deliver cup cakes and I decided that while i was there I could have a look in the junk shops on Benwell Road. I had been recommended them by two of my friends and thought that the chance of a bargain couldn't be passed up.
I walked through Fenham and down to Benwell library, where I popped in for a quick look at the craft books. It's a really nice library but it stank! Some guy was sitting using the computers and farting loudly! I hot footed it out of there and headed along the Benwell shops. I've driven past here lots of times but I've never walked past. There are lots of interesting cheap shops and penny bizzare's, I plan to have another little foray to these places.
I headed for the first junk shop and straight away found it impossible to manoeuvre round it with the buggy. I did manage to get inside but was right in the way of everyone. I had a look at the plate for future cake stands and asked if they had any buttons. I came away from there empty handed but decided that since I was down that way I'd pop into the one across the road.
This one has a huge range of goods outside under tarps and the inside was a bit more clutter free. It was still full of second hand furniture like the other one but I could swing the buggy. Straight away I found a box full of costume jewellery including a load of clip on earrings. I got the box and everything for £4. Pretty stoked I asked for buttons and the lady was really nice and said that she had some squirrelled away somewhere and that she'd keep them to the side for me. She also said that her granddaughter had loads of Tinkerbell stuff that she's gather up for my little one. I definitely walked away from there feeling happy which is probably what decided me on walking into Newcastle. It's a bit of a slog but I was buoyed up by my purchase and wanted to sit somewhere and look at my new treasures.
I walked over to the Settle Down Cafe and had a rocket coffee and a snoop. everything in the box was lovely. I was so made up by the whole experience that when I walked into Newcastle for my bus home I popped into all the charity shops on the way. In the mind shop I bought a wool wrap over cardy and in the British Heart Foundation I bought an intarsia tunic. All in all it has been a really good day for cheap diversions.
On a crafty note I've been given some lovely beading books. A few of the projects have caught my eye so I'll let you know how they get on.
I've also joined Pinterest! I'm just in the process of seeing how the whole thing works but I'll let you know how it goes. Also, If you'd like to be invited to Pinterest drop me a message.

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