Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween. Craft.

I freaking love Halloween! So much so that I'm hosting a spooky day at my house for Aminah and some of her friends. I'm going to give them goody bags and have been thinking of cool stuff to put in them. Then I saw some cute felt plushies and they inspired me to make something of my own. What would your monster of choice be? I'm going to have to tone down mine seeing as the recipients will be age five and under.

Christmas is coming! Gift!

Around our way there are some amazing beaches. Northumberland has a stunning coastline with award winning sands. The downside is that we only get a few days a year to roll around on them in our bikinis. The rest of the year they can be used for such things as bracing, restorative morning after walks, wrap up warm rockpool hunting trips and, if you're lucky, sea glass hunts. I always get a bit of sea glass when I'm at the beach but nothing like the lady at Surf and Silver. I have seen her at the local craft markets and covet her wares everytime. She can do some pretty inspirational stuff with the glass that she finds, and some of the glass she finds is exquisite! Have a look and hopefully it'll be a gift inspiration.

Christmas is coming! Decorate pt2

After posting about my felt tree ornaments I had the urge to find some lovely gingerbread man bunting. Bunting is very popular at the moment and is a welcome addition to most Christmas spreads. The question is can you be bothered to make your own? If not you should have a look at the festive cuteness on Ginger Creations Etsy store. This woman is so inspirational! And seasonal.

Christmas is coming! Decorate pt1

I love to make felt christmas ornaments. They are so easy to make yet so effective. I usually use my cookie cutters to get the shapes I need, which are usually gingerbread people, stars and christmas trees. I use an array of felt colours, but usually use red, green and brown the most.
I think for this year I'll be making some red stars with white nordic style snowflakes stitched onto them, ginger bread men with french knot buttons and eyes, and some round baubles in pale blue and pink with geometric patterns around the middles.
Everytime I've had these at a winter sale they have flown off the stall and I've wished I'd made more. And you don't have to stop at christmas themes, I've also had great success with sequined fish and pac man characters! Here is a link to a page of felty inspiration,