Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back so soon?

Christmas saw me getting lots of lovely John Lewis vouchers off friends and family so I could indulge in my wool frenzy come the sales. I bought some gorgeous wool called freedom spirit by Twilley's of Stamford. This was a total bargain at £1.50 a 50g ball and I've already used most of it up making socks. I made myself a pair in the "desire" colourway and they are divine. I've never had a real wool pair of socks before and I'm a complete convert. I adore the way they go a little felted on the bottoms from being walked on and the way they settle to the shape of your foot.
I also got some Rowan Wool DK in a beautiful mauve colour that I decided to make into a hat and a tunic for my toddler (as if she needs any more clothes!) I thought I'd try my hand at lacework whilst I was at it and the results were quite nice. The hat was copied off a pattern for a Barbie dolls hat on Ravelry , I just upsized it a lot and added pom-poms. A success all round really until it came to the wearing of them. Within one wear the tunic had gone REALLY bobbly and the hats pom-pom came off leaving it in a bit of a sorry state since. The tunic came through the wash and looks so much better, the bobbles have gone! I suppose all that is needed now to make it better is for me to pull my finger out and re-attach the pom-pom.

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