Monday, May 27, 2013

Trying out cross stitch.

I've been really hankering after cross stitch for a while now so when I was perusing the magazines in the local supermarket I came across a free kit to make a cross stitched blue tit card.

I love craft, I love birds, what better way to get a cheap thrill than to get this magazine? I know I have a blanket and a bead loom waiting for my attentions but I just couldn't resist!

Even though this was my first ever cross stitch project I found it quite easy. I think I can remember the ladies in home economics saying that the back of a cross stitch should be as neat as the front which made me have a little experiment and then a think about how I was going to achieve that. It was fun, quick and I did it in one evening. Here is the finished project in the little frame it came with.
I did the lines a little thicker by accident, but I like them so they're staying (trust me to go off piste) and I think there was one are two squares that I counted wrong but it hasn't affected the over all picture. Thankfully. I loved this little guy and would love to do more cross stitch birds by this lady, they're really cute. Oh yeah, and here is a picture of the back. It's not as neat as I would have liked but it was my first try!

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