Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crochet blanket WIP pt1

I am crocheting a blanket to give as a Christmas gift, which is a good time to choose because it's going to take ages. All together the whole blanket will be 15x15 squares, large enough to cover a UK double bed! I have toyed with the idea of making it smaller but it would only be by one or two squares. What I want is a luxurious throw that will cover a whole bed and drape elegantly to the floor, this fall will take the extra squares! With this being a gift I keep swinging wildly between being really happy to be making it for the person and being crippled with doubt that this archaic bed covering will be actually used. I think I have the crafters version of stage fright. Whatever I decide, it won't be because I'd like to abandon this WIP, it will be seen through to the end.

Here are the first twenty five squares sewn together. They are a simple granny square, I got a tutorial from here on YouTube, this is an amazing place to learn just about anything you want and there are so many people who want to show you their skills. There are many different ways to join squares together but I wanted the blanket to lie flat so opted for a double crochet join, which I found here on YouTube.

I learned to crochet when I was a wee girl but it didn't hold my interest, I only took it back up again about three years ago after finding a really cute crocheted baby dress pattern in a charity shop that I just had to make. I found it quite a challenge, learning all the crochet terms and following a pattern, but it was ultimately rewarding. I went on to crochet a small bag out of plarn I made from carrier bags but didn't do much for a while, then I had my newest daughter and decided to make her a version of the dress I made a few years before. From then on I haven't stopped for very long, learning how to do a baby blanket, out of one large granny square, for my nephews arrival and then a large throw for myself. I am planning on furthering my crochet by learning a bit of amigurimi, making plarn shopping bags and learning tatting.


  1. Amigurimi! Now there's cute - but tricky!

  2. Tell me about it! It's hard enough keeping track of stitches on full size stuff.