Thursday, May 9, 2013

The return of the Mumming Lady

I have been busy! After the arrival of Tiny Spark I have been Mumming on an Olympic level. What with Pinky Sparkle Cheeks going off to school, and me hitting the baby groups, I don't seem to have had time for much else. I know, but I haven't stopped craft hoarding. I have been gathering supplies for my next adventure in making. I have realised that I love creating, but I'm a bit of a craft octopus. I haven't been able to settle on one craft that keeps me busy, I prefer to have a go at most things until I learn them. Some of the crafts I've learned I've gone back to (knitting, sewing) and some have been left by the wayside (hand beaded felt), but all of them have been enjoyed. Right now I have quite a few new things I want to get into, but some or all require equipment. Things I want to do are loom beading, wire working with a jig, PMC and peg loom weaving. I also want to make a granny square blanket and some wall art, some upcycled clothes for my girls and some tie dyed stuff.
I have purchased a little Indian hand loom and have a large amount of wool, so I shall be trying out the granny square blanket (takes a bit longer than a month so will be doing it alongside another craft) and a beaded bracelet. Wish me luck!
p.s. I have included a bee mandala for you to colour in. x

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