Friday, April 8, 2011

New things for Spring and Easter

I've been one busy bee these past few weeks but mostly not on the internet. However I have devised new brooches for sale at the next Venus in Furs event on 10th March at the Settle Down Cafe. I really loved coming up with these and they have been influenced by feedback I've had about my own brooch. It seems that the net like design of the knitted jewellery wire evokes different things in different people. One friend commented that it was like a fishmans basket, one said it was a place to whisper secrets and one put her Tictac's in it! However they'll be used I hope they'll provide hours of enjoyment.
I went to visit my sister-in-law France the start of this week and on my way to the Airport I happened upon a makers fair in Harrogate. It was a lovely affair packed with creative types selling tempting wares. I took business cards from the most evocative sellers but they've been mislaid on my travels. However, I can remember the silversmith Silver Ink Tree. There was also a lovely lady selling felted goods. I was really taken with her felting packs and if I hadn't been travelling would have bought one.

Come down and see me and the other makers at the Venus in Furs Vintage and Craft fair on Sunday 12-4. Free entry.

Mermaids purse basket brooch £8

Catch a fallen star basket brooch £8

Wonders of the Universe Brooch £8
and scribble earrings £5


  1. Love the idea of a basket brooch! People can put their own contents in, depending on how they feel or what they're wearing... or maybe you could dream up a range of accessories for the brooch!

  2. I would whisper my dreams for that day into the basket. Or drop some wishes in there for moments of boredom.